Dancing Troll Village Exploration

Way back in the days of Vanilla World of Warcraft, I had a very difficult time finishing my quest to level 60 for one reason; exploration. The world of Azeroth prior to the cataclysm was one of mystique and wonder. Blizzard coded flight paths to go over areas that seemed completely inaccessible, but still had small bits of content to them. Such is the case of the Dancing Troll Villlage. Filled with neutral, non-hostile (red banners but do not attack), and friendly trolls, the denizens of the village engage in a wild dance party the likes of Darkshore have never seen before. Unfortunately, when the cataclysm happened, this area was revamped and made into a small quest hub for the alliance Darkshore questing experience. I’m happy to give you guys a bit of history from the classic days of WoW. Please enjoy!

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